This program is funded by Tanner Steffler Foundation; and, in partnership with Huron Community Family Health Team.  Tanner Steffler Foundation is committed to supporting youth and their families on the journey to their wellness and recovery.


My Journey is designed to provide knowledgeable and professional navigation of the mental health and addictions services for youth 12-24 years of age and their families who are living or doctoring in Huron County.  The navigator will engage with the individual and help to navigate them to the related services system, connect to appropriate treatment/assessment resources, receive assistance within a timely way as possible and negotiate challenging situations as they arise.

This innovative program will create a positive systemic change within our current system.

What is My Journey?

  • A program for youth ages 12-24 who are experiencing mental health challenges and/or substance use difficulties.

  • A clinically trained mental health professional acts as a Navigator and is the central point of contact and coordination for the youth attempting to navigate mental health/substance use services.

  • The Navigator assists with coordinating referrals with the family doctor (FM), community agencies & services, collection of reports from ALL referral services and sharing the reports with the FM, monitoring progress and follow-up.

  • The Navigator works in cooperation with the FM and any other mental health community service in the clients’ treatment plan to assure open communication between healthcare providers.

  • The Navigator will advocate for your needs at all levels of healthcare and the social services system, when required.

  • Check-ins to the youth by the Navigator to see how they are doing generally or specifically regarding an appointment will be done via preferred method of communication - phone, text, etc.  This will be done at an interval that is agreed upon between the Navigator and youth (eg. weekly or bi-weekly).

Who We Serve

Youth ages 12-24 living or doctoring in Huron County who are experiencing mental health and/or substance use challenges.  

If you are concerned, but don’t know where to get help:

  • You may be beginning your journey to getting help but may not have any or very little experience with the mental health/addiction service system, and may not know where to go or start.

  • In some situations, the problem may have developed quickly and may be severe, seemingly out of nowhere.

  • You are seeking the assistance of a navigator because you are facing a serious problem, requiring assistance on an urgent basis, and do not know how or where to start.

You have already reached out for help, but it’s not working or it’s taking too long:

  • You have sought out programs elsewhere but may be on a long waiting list and/or you may not have found what you need.

  • You may  have been unable to find the appropriate service, or the one you did secure was of insufficient intensity or duration for the problem.

  • The problems have gone on for a long time, and you are reaching out to avoid losing more time or making further missteps.

Why a  Navigator?

  1. Decreases the need for the youth to continuously repeat their story; and increases the communication between providers.

  2. Open communication and coordination between mental health services means that all health providers directly involved in the treatment plan are able to communicate between each other, providing a holistic approach that meets the needs of the individual.

  3. According to research, care coordination can significantly increase perception of satisfaction with services.

  4. Reduces stress and frustration when trying to self-navigate a complicated system.

  5. Simplifying and managing resources with one record containing all health information reduces duplication of services.


By providing you with support and customized recommendations, My Journey will give you the tools and resources to actively chart your path on your wellness journey.


Contact Us


If you live in Huron County (or doctor in Huron County) and are a youth (age 12-24) with mental health and/or substance use problems, or if you are a concerned family member, please call or text:


The My Journey line is not a crisis response line; those who find themselves or a family member in an emergency situation must call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department.

Contact Us

If you are a youth (12-24 yrs) living or doctoring in Huron County with mental health and/or substance use problems; or if you are a concerned family member, please call or text:



A navigator will be in touch within 24 hrs

*This line is not a crisis line; if you or a family member are in an emergency situation please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department


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