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Tanner Steffler Foundation already making big strides

Steffler Foundation already making big strides - April 5, 2018


After only a few months, the Seaforth-based Tanner Steffler Foundation is working towards improving the mental health and addiction services in Huron County.

Nineteen-year-old Tanner Steffler died after a drug overdose on June 6 last year and just a few months after his untimely death his parents, John and Heather, were working hard to create a foundation in his name.

The foundation first reached out to Huron County Council for funding last October, just over four months after Tanner’s untimely death. In just six months, the Stefflers, and a number of passionate volunteers dedicating their time to the cause, have built the foundation into one of the county’s most visible charities.

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