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Tanner Steffler Foundation - Goderich Signal Star

By Kathleen Smith, Goderich Signal Star

June 6, 2017 is a date that holds an emotional place in the hearts of the Steffler family.

It is also a date that has propelled despair into passion for a cause that will provide youth in the County with more adequate mental health and addictions services.

That date was the day 19-year-old Tanner Steffler succumbed to his mental health struggles and addictions issues.

Created in August 2017 by Heather and John Steffler, the Tanner Steffler Foundation was made to honour their son Tanner and to improve services available for youth in Huron County.

Last week at a County Council meeting, Tanner’s parents and creators of the Tanner Steffler Foundation, Heather and John, presented and introduced the Foundation to County Council.

“In Huron County, access to mental health and addiction resources for youth, are limited at best. Throughout Tanner’s struggle with Substance Abuse Disorder, we know that he tried desperately to access support that would help him overcome his illness,” explained Heather.

Heather and John want the community to understand that Tanner’s disorder did not define who he was - he grew up in a good home, enjoyed life and had potential; he could have been anyone’s child.

According to Heather and John, their son wanted treatment and to be well. Despite their best efforts, Tanner and his family could not access services that would support his treatment and recovery in a timely manner.

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