Ride With Me


Friday, August 16th 2019



11:00 am - 1:00 pm



42852 Walton Road (Gate A - Pro, Walton Raceway


Event: Cowbell Brewing Co., Blyth



28KM round trip



To raise awareness for mental health


Event Partners:

Racing for Mental Health - Tanner Ward Foundation, Tanner Steffler Foundation, Walton Raceway Ltd.

"Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is the promise of a memory." 

Jeff Ward died by suicide on July 2, 2018. Today, one year later, Jeff's family are announcing the annual Ride With Me initiative in support of mental health awareness. Partnering with Walton Raceway and local Huron County charity Tanner Steffler Foundation, the Ward family are hoping the event will help reduce the stigma around mental health in both the racing community and the community in general.

To Volunteer OR Register: 


Email: melody@waltonraceway.ca

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