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About The YAC

TSF is a youth-centred organization. Following the direction set by youth in our community, our organization partners with mental health professionals and community organizations to affect meaningful change in Huron-Perth.

The YAC meets bi-weekly in a hybrid model of in person and online meetings that occur in the evening. We require that our YAC attend and volunteer at our events as they are able and assist in content creation for our Instagram and TikTok accounts. In return, youth gain volunteer hours, an honorarium if 80% of meetings are attended, resume building experiences and more!

MeEt Us

YAC Members


I decided to join the YAC because I feel passionate about the issues that TSF are facing in our community. At first, I didn’t know very much about topics surrounding mental health and addiction, but I am consistently learning through the YAC. The YAC and TSF are important to me because I see the need for increasing mental health and addiction supports for youth everyday, and I want to be a part of change.


I chose to join YAC because as someone who struggles with mental illness, and having seen firsthand what it does, I am super passionate about breaking the stigma and helping those who are struggling. I want people to know how to get help, that it’s okay to not be okay, and I want to spread awareness about the subject.


I have decided to continue being a part of the YAC because I feel that TSF does very important work. I hpoe to help break the stigma around mental health in Huron and Perth Counties.


I’m interested in fighting against mental health stigma, and generally making Huron County communities more educated and accepting.


I am involved in the YAC because I love meeting people with similar interests and idea as me! I also joined to gain more knowledge about my community and where it can improve. 


I am joining the YAC with the hopes to educate on discrimination and the damage it does on youth/communities.


I have a passion for mental health and advocacy because I want to create change around the way people view mental health. Everybody struggles but nobody can do it alone and that’s why I am so happy to be on this council! This council listens to the youth and will advocate for them so that nobody feels alone in their struggles.


I am a huge mental health advocate, and believe the more we raise awareness surrounding mental illnesses and addictions, the more people will be less afraid to reach out for help, which is what helped me in the first place to reach out. I know that with TSF, I can help raise that awareness on a bigger scale!


I joined yac because I want to be able to make a difference in the stigma of mental health and substance abuse because everyone matters.


I joined TSF because of my innate desire to help others. I recognize the need to voice the importance of empowering youth, to help them understand the services available and to contribute in any way that I can to improve the well-being of the youth in our community.


I chose to be a part of the YAC because my own mental health journey has pushed me to be invested in helping others and breaking the stigma around mental health in general!


I chose to be a part of the YAC because I have helped to organize fundraisers for TSF in the past and wanted to continue to stay involved in this amazing organization. They do great work in the community and I am proud to be a part of it. 


My name’s Amelia (the bird’s name is Phoenix) I grew up in Huron County and I’m a student at St. Anne’s in Clinton! I love being involved in any way I can, and just having the opportunity to grow and learn with a supportive community that understands and listens is definitely something I’ve wanted to be apart for a long time. We recognize the battles and struggles amongst our peers, and we’re here to support and guide, that’s what I love most about this council, and I’m so very grateful to be apart of it.

Guiding Principles

What We Believe In

Nothing about us, without us

Support youth in participatory leadership from the axiom “nothing about us, without us”.

Community Oriented

Build a sense of community with authentic, brave, inclusive and equitable relationships.

Honour Youth Voice

Value youth as active and skilled contributors to their wellness and valuable partners in mental health promotion.


Strive for health equity and remove barriers that prevent access to mental health and substance use care.

Anti-Oppressive Framework

Develop anti-oppressive practices that encourage diversity and prioritize the needs and strengths of marginalized groups in service provisions.


Advise the TSF on the ongoing mandates, communication and proposed services. 

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If you’re interested in creating content for us, reach out to our Social Media Coordinator Cassie through email cgreidanus@tannerstefflerfoundation.com or DM us!